Geographic Information Systems

We are one of the first organisations in Australia to provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specific to the corporate and commercial property sector.

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology maps the geography of a specific property sector, to expose patterns, relationships and opportunities otherwise hidden in the information labyrinths of numeric tables and databases. By visually representing data on a map, complex scenarios are translated into a universal language – one that enables companies to make informed strategic decisions confidently.

GIS is an incredibly powerful decision-making tool that has a broad range of applications, whatever your business. JWA’s GIS technology adds true value to our client’s data. Through sector-focused mapping and analysis, our platform allows our clients to make informed decisions about the strategic acquisition of investment sites and assets.

John Wimberley & Associates GIS technology leverages data to deliver the following points of difference and insights for our clients:

  • Identify Points of Interest.
  • Strategic Mapping of Marketplace.
  • Town Planning Overlays.
  • Acquisition Management.
  • Identification of Market Trends.
  • More Effective Portfolio Management.